Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dump the Incumbents in Washington

Repeal the 17th Amendment (Which provides for the direct election of senators)
Campaign Finance reform

Term limits for Congress

Right now I will rant about why we should Dump The Incumbents.  Discussions on the other issues will follow.

Why do we need to purge out national government?

 The party with the power disappoints.  The democrats had most of the power for 40 years and ruined the country's culture.  They took over the schools and taught multiculturalism and value neutrality to 3 generations of American children.  They created our race problems with their social programs and destroyed the black family.  The republicans started taking over in 1994 with a pledge of reform but became drunk with power; bankrupting the country and increasing the size of the government. You can see where this is going.

Congress has written the book on demagoguery as witnessed by their behavior during the financial crises. With the economy of the world in balance, some members of Congress turned the word bailout into a pejorative, igniting passions in the American people for their own political gain and being either disingenuous or ignorant of the calamity that would face the nation if the banking system had been permitted to fail. It was not their finest hour. There are no profiles in courage in this Congress.